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Valentine’;s Day is just around the corner, and it brings such lovely and ?fun colours with it! I love the deep reds, pinks and whites that we get to play with. And if there’;s an excuse to make some decor, I’;m

Valentine’;s Day is just around the corner, and it brings such lovely and ?fun colours with it! I love the deep reds, pinks and whites that we get to play with.

And if there’;s an excuse to make some decor, I’;m all over it! Maybe it’;s the cool weather, but I’;ve been wanting to work with yarn these days. While my crocheting skills are a bit rustycanvas throw pillow covers, I knew that I could whip up a mean pom-pom.

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Before this project, I had never worked with a pom-pom loom, but I was intrigued. And once I got started, I immediately loved it!

The package comes with three different sizes of ?looms. I opted for the medium-sized loom, as the poms were nice and full, but small enough to match the size of the wreath form.

The loom was easy to work with:

1. First, the yarn is threaded through the slit at the front of the loom.

2. Then the yarn is run through the back slit and back over to the circular shape of the loom. The yarn is wrapped over the single thread of yarn.

3. The amount of times that the yarn is wrapped around the loom determines how full the pom-pom will be. I think pom-poms look the happiest when they’;re quite bushy.

4. The yarn is cut from the back of the loom and the front tail is retrieved to tie a knot. Tie this knot tightly, as it is holding the pom-pom together.

5. The loom has a space along its curved spine to cut the pom-pom free.

6. Snip along the back of the loom (and feel free to use your sharp craft scissors –; I had a four year old helper, so she used kid-scissors in this project).

And voila! A perfect pom-pom is now ready to be placed on your yarn wreath! The curved shape of the loom guarantees that your pom-pom will have a nice round shape.

It wasn’;t long before I got into a pom-pom making groove. And with the loom being so simple, I even had a little helper available (she managed to make quite a few pom-poms on her own)!

I made about 60 medium-sized pom-poms for this project.

Using long corsage pins with a head (the longer the pins, the stronger the hold into the foam), I stuck the pom-poms into the wreath form. I tried to slip the pin through a piece of yarn each time I stuck on the pom-pom, just to be sure that it was firmly placed.

?The pom-poms should be placed fairly close together; it’;s important not to forget to fill the inside and outside of the yarn wreath.

I arranged the pom-poms in a random pattern –; though I was careful to avoid accidentally creating stripes. I didn’;t want a candy cane wreath!?

And when it was finished, I had a full yarn wreath of happy and colourful pom-poms. I hung it on the door with a wide ribbon.

But…; it still needed something.

I grabbed some wooden blanks and free-handed a heart with the glue gun. The yarn stuck easily, and I was left with a simple little yarn heart!

I put a few globs of hot glue on the back of the wood and stuck them to the yarn wreath. Easy peasy!

Mr. Suburble thought I should stop here. He liked the simplicity of the yarn wreath as it was. But I wanted to fuss it up a bit.

I added a bow to the top of the wreath, just for a bit of flair. It is completely the wreath-owner’;s discretion: to bow or not to bow?

That IS the question!

Have a bit of fun with pom-poms and create your own Valentine’;s Day Yarn wreath. And if you’;ve got eager little crafters in the house, put them to work with the loom. You’;ll be amazed at how quickly they pick it up!

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