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Do you want to revamp your kitchen but have limited time and funds for a project? You have come to the right place; here you will find a few interior design ideas and tips that can make your next kitchen redo much easier, cheaper and

Do you want to revamp your kitchen but have limited time and funds for a project? You have come to the right place; here you will find a few interior design ideas and tips that can make your next kitchen redo much easier, cheaper and time effective.

Brighten the Room: You do not have to completely repaint your kitchen or knock out a wall to brighten the room. Strategically placing mirrors in the room can make the room feel much bigger while at the same time picking up much needed light and brightening everything in the process. Place the mirror across from open windows or in a corner wall across from windows to optimise the light. Spring

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Changes: Can you change up the furniture options in your kitchen to give it a more spring or summer feel? A summer arrangement can give the room a light and airy feel without sinking a fortune into redecorating. Once you have the room re-arranged, open the curtains and windows to let your spring and summer sun and air flow through.

Rugs: Perhaps one of the cheapest and quickest ways to decorate your kitchen is with the use of area rugs. These can be large full area kitchen rugs, which you can centre in the room or a collection of smaller rugs with the same basic design patterns or colours scheme. Rugs can add a splash of colour to an otherwise drab roomcanvas throw pillow covers, and they seldom cost very much money at all. If you decide to use a full area rug, say under the table, make sure you measure carefully, the rug should be able to accommodate the chairs when they are pulled out.

Cabinets: Pulling out your cabinets and replacing them is a fantastic way to revamp your kitchen, however it is also a very expensive prospect and definitely not a one day job! Instead of replacing all the cabinets in your kitchen, you could give them a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. Cabinet door handles and drawer pulls are simple to change and can create an entirely new look for your kitchen.

Conclusion: Decorating your kitchen does not have to mean a complete remodel. With a little, know how, a few tools and tips you can completely re-vamp the look of your kitchen in an afternoon. Other little things you can do to freshen up one of the most important rooms in the house is to repaint the trim. Window sills, door frames and wall trim can become exceeding dingy in the kitchen and a fresh coat of paint will make a world of difference! Whilst you have your window treatments down while painting don't put the same old ones back up again – replace them with kitchen blinds or new café styled curtains.

Both sewing and embroidering on faux leather present a few minor challenges but with the right tools, tricks, and with the help of specialty BERNINA presser feet I’ll show you how easy it can be! Last summer, Cheryl Kuczek shared 6 Tips for Sewing Pleather—a recommended read for anyone wanting to learn more about sourcing quality pleather and selecting the right presser feet. I’ll be walking you through the steps of measuring and cutting faux leather, how to hoop leather, and what steps you need to take for setting up your machine. Then we’ll put your new found knowledge to the test while making a removable monogrammed faux leather boot cuff that can be added to any pair of boots to create an entirely new look for boots you already own!

A few years ago on a wild Saturday night, Jaime and I were having a chat on the phone about party themes that we thought were owed their moment in the spotlight. Unique party themes that had so much potential but had never had a chance to shine. I remember that there was a impressive range from the ingenious to the hilarious, and the best ideas somewhere in the middle. But the idea that we couldn’t get out of our minds was a Marching Band Party.So when we heard that Alt was holding a contest with sponsor Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores, to find the perfect mini parties for Winter Alt Summit, we knew that it was the perfect moment for our dream party. Well, that dream came true and we are so excited to share all of the details right here!One thing we love about Alt Summit is the way the group of attendees; bloggers, artists, makers, designers, sponsors come together as a supportive community. We created an 8′ long banner with Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores felt to celebrate that collaborative environment with our party slogan #BandTogether.For the craft we turned to Joann Fabric & Craft to to provide ready-to-decorate felt pennants and self adhesive felt letters and shapes set out for fun.Many of the party-goers creations were delightfully off-color but here are a few we can share here…?We treated the tables with fancy fringe and sequin trim.And wrapped our drumsticks in the most glittery tape.These gold striped letters by Teresa Collins Studio for Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores made sign making so simple, and tissue paper fringe added festive flair to cascades of balloons.Did you notice our DIY epaulettes? They were made with scraps of adhesive foam, felt and fringe.I think they totally completed our outfits. ?We used glorious feathers and boas for centerpieces… and also for accessories. The night was all we had ever dreamed in a marching band party. Thank you Joann Fabric and Crafts and Alt Summit for making our band geek dreams come true!Thank you to Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis for the use of their photos.

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