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Church, lend me your ears, and I will show you how to increase church attendance after Easter! funny cushion covers Is that a large claim? Likely, but it’;s a claim I stand by. Churches all across the world are getting ready

Church, lend me your ears, and I will show you how to increase church attendance after Easter!

funny cushion covers

Is that a large claim? Likely, but it’;s a claim I stand by.

Churches all across the world are getting ready for their annual Super Bowl. We call this day Easter, which is the day Christian’;s recognize the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Historically, churches consistently see a surge in church attendance on Easter. They also notice a dip in the size of the congregation size the following week.

Obviouslycanvas throw pillow covers, that’;s not the goal for churches, as they want to keep their attendance up!

Why is it that non-church goers attend church on this one day each year, when they won’;t attend the other 51 weeks?

Well, for starters, Family. Then there is entertainment, and often free food (if it’;s a Baptist church, at least).

But how can churches keep their guests coming back? Here’;s a few ideas.

Gifts of appreciation are just what they sound like –; gifts you give someone to show your appreciation!

Church goers are used to driving out early Sunday morning and congregating with a bunch of strangers, singing the music, and listening to long sermons.

Non-church goers are not.

Setting up a booth or station for visitor sign-in can be a way to track who is visiting and presenting each of them with a gift to show appreciation.

This gift could be custom frisbees for visitors with kids to enjoy after the service, customized water bottles to keep them cool in the extra crowded foyers, or a gift basket full of small things like chocolates and hand sanitizers.

We know many won’;t feel comfortable at church, so why not go the extra mile to make them a bit more comfortable?

No one likes to be singled out. So why do churches have the habit of singling out guests in front of a full crowd?

I understand the excitement of having a new face to show around or wanting to make your guests feel welcomed, but we must remember they are still people –; not trophies –; to show off! This is definitely not how to increase church attendance!

How can churches change this up so the regulars still notice new faces?

Ask your regulars to give up their normal seats for guests and ask them to keep an eye out for a new face. If they see one, encourage them to say hi and give a genuine introduction.

That’;s kind of oxymoronic, isn’;t it?

Well, no. It’;s ok to be entertaining at church, but ultimately, Church is not the place to be an entertainment service. There is a message everyone is seeking to hear, whether that be of hope, salvation, reassurance…;

That doesn’;t mean keep all lights on during the worship set, or to ban all jumping for joy.

Just be genuine, and let what is supposed to happen, happen.

Guests can spot fake church a mile away, and that’;s the last thing you want for your church and the church body.

Final thing here is to make sure church attendance isn’;t the focus. After all, the church is about the Body of Christ, is it not?

While attendance is a great thing to grow, the ultimate goal is to tell the world of the good news!

And interestingly enough, as a company focused on branding, this is the ultimate branding of the Christian Faith. Don’;t focus on what you can get for yourself, but instead, focus on what you can do for others.

We hope these few pointers can help on how to increase church attendance, but ultimately we hope it helps you achieve your ultimate objective!

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