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Marquee letters are all the rage right now and there have been?many?really great marquee letter tutorials posted online this year. ?Even though I know there are a bunch of tutorials online, after seeing all of them I decided that I

Marquee letters are all the rage right now and there have been?many?really great marquee letter tutorials posted online this year. ?Even though I know there are a bunch of tutorials online, after seeing all of them I decided that I had to have a set for myself, so I made these Candy Cane Stripe Christmas Marquee Letters and…; since I was making myself a set I thought I’;d share with you how I made them incase you’;d like to make some too…;

Christmas Crafternoon anyone??

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I thought it would be fun to have a little twist and add candy cane stripes to the letters.?? This was easily done with a little bit of painters tapecanvas throw pillow covers, paint and glitter glue.

If you’;d like to make a set for yourself here’;s what you need:

JOY Paper Mache Letters

Red &; White Craft Paint

Red Glitter glue (if desired)

Exacto Knife

Painters Tape

Bulb LED Christmas lights (make sure you get the LED ones the other would be too hot to be safe with the paper mache)

First paint your letters white. Then with painters tape, tape off stripes on the letters at regular intervals.

To help the color from bleeding, apply a thin coat of white paint over the paint.

Then paint red over the exposed parts to create the stripes. Remove the tape and accent the stripes with glitter glue if you’;d like.

Next use an exacto knife and cut out the back of the letter leaving a small ledge.

Mark the locations of your bulbs. To do this unscrew the bulbs from the light string and trace the outline of the bulb onto the letter.

Use and exacto knife and cut out each circle.

Poke the light bulb through just to make sure your hole is the right size. Next going in order attach the light string to the letters and screw the bulbs back in to secure.

That’;s it!

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It’s kind of funny, but my first exposure to quilting was back in the late 1980’s when?the “quilting ladies”?would invade the fabric store I worked at?in droves to find just the right fabric combinations for their quilts. Calico and country print fabric bolts were flying every which way, and any flat surface in the fabric store would be covered with fabrics while the ladies discussed patterns, colors, and shades. So, I always thought that quilting was all about buying new fabrics for the quilts, because that’s how I’d always seen it done.

VASTU TIPS ABOUT COLORS1. Orange for PowerOrange symbolizes spirituality and power. So, brighter shades of orange are the good choice for bedroom accents rather than wall colors. As orange color invokes positive feelings and happiness, this is always a suitable shade for bedroom use. 2. Yellow for WisdomYellows especially in gold tones work very well in an Indian bedroom. Yellow not only stands for patience and wisdom but also symbolizes sunlight. 3. Pink for JoyPink is a suitable color for bedroom walls. As the color symbolizes joy and happiness, any shade of pink is suitable for master bedrooms. According to Vastu, pink is the right color for South or Southwest facing bedrooms.4. Purple for FaithFuschia or bold purple, works well for fabric accents in a bedroom. The color purple generally represents trust, respect and faith. You can use it in curtains, bedspreads and pillow, but avoid using them on walls as it has a tendency to overpower the room. 5. Blue for GrowthAccording Vastu principles, blue is considered as an appropriate color for bedrooms. Blue stands for new growth and relaxation and hence it is the right choice for bedrooms. Shades of blue works very well as wall colors and brings a relaxing environment in the bedroom. For fabric accents, turquoise works well through the bedroom interior. 6. Green for HopeGreen is appropriate for bedrooms as base color. Hues of green generally symbolize nature, hope and freshness and so they have the ability to rejuvenate the mind and body. For bedroom walls, especially in kid’s bedroom, light green or green-tinted shades give the room a healthy atmosphere. 7. Red for BraveryRed should be used sparingly in the bedroom. As red is a symbol of bravery and power according to Vastu, the color holds a great deal of energy and stress. So, avoid bold uses of red for bedrooms. Instead, you can use warm, muted brownish reds for pillows and not for walls and curtains.8. White for IntensityWhite is not generally the color of Indian bedroom design, as people think it might get dirt easily. But, Vastu tradition suggests that brighter shades of white make appropriate colors for bedroom accents. You can use them for your bedroom ceilings which reflects light and helps your brighten the room.

There are many easy ways to make a bag from pants: the easier way is to cut legs, sew the holes, close the opening and add a strap. It will look nice and grunge but, when stuffed, it will probably look like an ass.

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