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Lighting is an important element while furnishing your home. Majority of people do not give much attention to this important element and so their home interior fails to give a perfect look. Lighting plays an important role in enhancing the

Lighting is an important element while furnishing your home. Majority of people do not give much attention to this important element and so their home interior fails to give a perfect look. Lighting plays an important role in enhancing the stuff you place in your room.

The eye-catching leather bed you have placed in your bedroom, the beautiful side tables, corner wardrobe, decorative items, wall hangingscanvas throw pillow covers, flowers, vases, yet presentation of everything in your room relies on scope of the light.

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The visibility and prominence of your leather beds and other items is greatly dependent on how smartly you have placed the lights and what different variations you have used in lighting. You encounter a number of problems related to lighting when furnishing your home. Sometimes it is your selection of lighting; sometimes it is the wiring problem etc.

I am listing some of the common issues we generally face with lighting and also giving out tips to prevent such issues.

1.?????? Wrong selection of location for lighting

No matter how many lights you mount in a room, if the location for placing those lights is not appropriate, you wouldn’t be able to get desired results and your room will look either too dark in the places where more light is required or too vivid with excessive exposure to lighting. If the place is wired incorrectly, you probably be facing such issues with lighting. Make sure to give additional attention to your home when it is being wired electrically to avoid such issues.

2.?????? Wrong selection of lights

If the light is not attractive in its appearance, it will create an annoying feel in the room making you feel uncomfortable while sitting in the room. While shopping around for lights consider its beauty and shine both. If any of the elements lacks in the light, it won’t give pleasing touch to your room. Lights like lamps, globes, tube lights, bulbs should be elegant and eye catching so they contribute to the beauty of your room.

3.?????? Wrong placement of Kitchen lights

Kitchen lights are very important to let the person enjoy its cooking there. It happens most of the time that lights are installed at the place where kitchen cabinets block their exposure to the stove and counter area making your experience frustrating.

4.?????? Dimmer is missing

Electricians usually do not pay much attention to fit dimmers in every room and you are left with no option to lower the light when you are in mood to relax for some time or you want watch movie in an appropriate ambiance. Make sure to remind him to fix dimmers in every room, so you can easily set the intensity of light according to your room.

5.?????? Recessed lights

Sometimes a large quantity of recessed lights are installed without balancing them with other lights and so it gives very spooky feel in the room making your stay uncomfortable. Make sure to use mix of different types of bright and dim lights so the ambiance stays well-balanced.

6.?????? Selection of energy waster lights

Energy waster lights usually grab the attention of customers as these are brighter and add a dazzling effect in the room maximising the visibility of your stunning decor, eye-catching leather bed and other stuff. Energy waster lights are beautiful enough to grab your attention but do not satisfy you in terms of comfort. I would suggest you to go for energy savers instead, which save your energy and money both bringing the same level of beauty and functionality in your room.

7.?????? Issues with electrical wiring

Sparking or fused bulbs are the issues commonly faced by majority of people. Such issues can arise with poor quality bulbs but if it happens repeatedly, it means there is an issue with your electrical wiring and you need to get it fixed at earliest before it leads to some big issue.

8.?????? Inappropriate placement

Not everything that is beautiful and functional can be placed anywhere in your home. Sometimes we overlook the particular demands of the certain place and apply the same blend of lights everywhere in the house. Bear in mind that ever room of your home has different demands and is made to serve you for a different purpose; what you can place in bedroom may not appropriate for the kitchen or bathroom. Think about the requirements of the specific place and shop accordingly.

Now that you are familiar with the common issues of lighting, you must be at better position to make the right decisions to prevent such issues while designing your home. When you start designing your home, you can also learn different techniques to make your home appealing to your guests.

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