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It is prom season?and a perfect time to share Dana’;s fun way to create a Lace Wrist Cuff. ?Dana Sanchez, part of the Crew, has an eye for unique, functional projects that wow us every time. ?What a fun idea for a created

It is prom season?and a perfect time to share Dana’;s fun way to create a Lace Wrist Cuff. ?Dana Sanchez, part of the Crew, has an eye for unique, functional projects that wow us every time. ?What a fun idea for a created Prom, wedding or just going out accessory. ?They can be tailored to match your style, your colors?and your wrist, how fun is that. ?Gather goodies around?the studio or collect them along the way at?flee markets, garage sales and fabric stores, bit and?pieces are what makes the cuffs so very cool. ??

I was was browsing Pinterest the other day when I came across some wonderful wrist cuffs. ?These handmade beauties were being sold on etsy by crafters who knew what they were doing. ?I saw embroidered flowersaccent pillow case baby canvas decorative, antique beads, and hours of work on each, unique handmade piece of art. ?I wanted one, but there’;s no room currently in my budget for one of my own.

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Looking at the photos I realized I had all the materials needed to make a wrist cuff. ?I could use canvas for the base, and some pretty 7 Gypsies lace as a frill. ?I’;m not much a ?hand sewer, but since I wasn’;t going for perfection and I could hide most of my stitches under layers, I went ahead and brought all my elements?together.

Things you might gather:

I wanted my cuff to be wide, with lace falling over my hand. ?I cut roughly 3in. off the end of a 12 x 12 Canvas sheet to use as my base and simply hand?stitched?the new?7 Gypsies Lace Trimming to one side. ?If sewing is not your thing, now is a great time to give it a try, just a simple stitch holds the two together. ?You can run this through the machine or glue it into place with a glue like Beacon’;s Fabri-Tac.

?Now gather your goodies like these 7gypsies charms and findings.

There are many, many, many flowers on the market these days, paper, fabric, lace, burlap, you can grab your favorites or you can make your own an add found buttons, pearls and charms to the middle and secure with glue.

I used scraps of ?vintage lace and found fabric to make these, roughly cutting circles and folding them into?triangles?to?create dimension, or just pinching them to make them fluff pretty.

?My laces came from an?eBay?lot of mixed pieces. ?You can find some amazing deals on?eBay?if you don’;t?have any local vintage markets ?or if you don’;t have time for weekend garage sales- although shopping for treasures is a ton of fun and I highly?recommend?it. ?Don’;t be afraid if your lace pieces are not in perfect shape, you can cut bits and pieces from it to add such a vintage, elegant touch.

? Fabri-Tac glue a quick, simple way to bind your vintage elements?together?and it ?is still used in famous wedding dress?maker shops and has been for decades. ?This special glue will adhere fabrics and adornments with ease. ?Nice to know you can use what the experts use when you are designing.

Build your design by layering laces, charms, pearls, flowers, etc. ?You can stitch or glue them on or a combination. ?Keep in mind this is item will be worn, so you will want to make sure everything is very secure, don’;t we all hate when you have a piece of jewelry and the items start falling off ??

Now it is time to try it on, wrap it around the wrist and you can add ties to the canvas band, make a button and button hole (for those of you who are good at that stuff) or pin it into place with a safety pin, like the vintage ones from 7gypsies.

No two will be the same and you will not find another walking around your next event. ?If you love the idea of fresh flowers you can add them to the cuff the day of the event, consider slipping in some baby’;s breath or other tiny flowers.

?This beautiful cuff will be a memory of the event and is so beautiful you will want to put it on display.

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Happy Creating!!!!

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