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You already love to wear flowy floral dresses and comfy oversized shirts, why stuff them away in a bland dresser? Let your style shine through with one of our picks for the best one-of-a-kind shabby chic dressers. This French-style gray

You already love to wear flowy floral dresses and comfy oversized shirts, why stuff them away in a bland dresser? Let your style shine through with one of our picks for the best one-of-a-kind shabby chic dressers.

This French-style gray dresser is finished with a layer of chalk paint, a signature shabby chic detail. Romantic curved drawers and decorative details pair with distressed wood to complete the shabby chic look. Nine-drawers are the perfect amount to store away all those floral dresses and shirts! [FarmHouseFare on Etsy]

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Six large drawers provide ample room for that wardrobe that keeps getting bigger (don’t worry, we won’t tell!). Crystal-inspired drawer knobs add a regal flair to this soft pink dresser, while the rose applique and curved details make it truly shabby-chic. [The Painted Cottage]

For a more subtle take on shabby chic design, consider this farmhouse style wood dresser. Crafted from reclaimed pine woodaccent pillow case baby canvas decorative, this dresser features the curved design shabby-chic enthusiasts love. [The Bella Cottage]

If you simply cannot get enough floral in your space, check out this one-of-a-kind handpainted option from Etsy. Just about every detail of a shabby chic checklist is covered in this dresser. Floral design? Check! Distressed wood? Check! Romantic details? Check! [DresserUpper on Etsy]

When six drawers simply aren’t enough, consider this ten drawer option! Simple and elegant distressed white-washed wood makes this the perfect fit for the more minimalist shabby-chic connoisseur. [Williams and Kay]

Make Cinderella herself jealous of your bedroom decor with this French-inspired dresser fit for a princess. This five-drawer work of art features decorative molding and floral appliques for a truly shabby chic flair. [ThePaintedCottage on Etsy]

This dreamy shabby chic dresser features a white paint finish and a rustic wood top for the perfect farmhouse vibe. Damask texture details add a modern twist to this otherwise cottage-inspired beauty. This vintage antique has been around for decades and will be in your family for decades, too! [ARayofSunlight on Etsy]

There’s something about shabby chic decor that brings about images of rolling countrysides, quaint cottages, and fresh linens on a line flowing through the breeze. Shabby chic design takes inspiration from a simpler time and was first introduced and popularized by Rachel Ashwell. Shabby chic dressers feature distressed wood, decorative floral details, and regal curved edges. While some dressers may be refinished antique pieces, others are simply distressed to look vintage.

You’ll see distressed wood in just about every piece of shabby chic furniture. Often times the wood is distressed on purpose, but occasionally you’ll come across a vintage piece that has been distressed the good old fashion way; with age and wear!

Shabby chic decor simply wouldn’t be complete without a splash of florals! This usually takes the shape of floral appliques adhered to the face of the dresser. Although, some designers will take floral to a new level with hand-painted details.

Rather than sleek modern corners, shabby chic dressers take it back to more traditional curved edges. While some dressers will have more dramatic details than others, overall you’ll feel a lot of regal inspiration.

One of the most appealing parts of the shabby chic design movement is that distressed wood and a worn-in look can be accomplished pretty effectively with the use of DIY! So find some furniture that can use some love, throw on those tattered paint clothes, and let’s get started!

One of the most popular options for a shabby chic wood treatment is chalk paint. It doesn’t require sanding or primer and dries quickly. It’s also an easy paint to distress, making it the perfect choice for that final shabby chic look!

If you’re looking for more of a French-inspired shabby chic dresser, check out this video that teaches you how to blend paint like a pro.

Another way to create that signature shabby chic distressed wood look is to create a chippy paint finish. You can add as much or as little character to the dresser as you want, and you can rest assured that no one has the same decor piece as you!

Another more subtle distressing option is adding glaze to your furniture. Glaze brings all the unique details of your dresser to life, especially any applique details it may have.

Whether you find it at the furniture store or create the perfect shabby chic dresser for yourself, this design style is one that is sure to inspire for years to come! Don’t forget to complete your shabby chic abode with one of our top picks for shabby chic beds.

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