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Cock-a-doodle-do! Do you love the style of old-school country decor but prefer city life? Skip the loud rooster wake up call and add a bit of cottage flair to your bedroom with our top picks for shabby chic beds. One of the defining chara

Cock-a-doodle-do! Do you love the style of old-school country decor but prefer city life? Skip the loud rooster wake up call and add a bit of cottage flair to your bedroom with our top picks for shabby chic beds.

One of the defining characteristics of shabby chic furniture is a distressed finish. Though this piece is brand-new, it looks like a well-loved vintage work of art. Pair it with a vintage chandelier and matching bedside tables for a completely romantic look. [The Painted Cottage]

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You’ll be partyin’ like it’s 1750 in this tufted shabby chic bed. Inspired by French Louis XV-style decor, this bed is available in fog or white linen. Made out of recycled douglas fir, this is a shabby chic statement piece to last for decades to come. [MortiseandTenon]

Just because something is shabby chic doesn’t mean it has to be old. Take this wood-paneled bed, for instance. Distressed, reclaimed white wood worked into a square frame provides you with a more minimalist shabby chic bed. [MadEraWoodShop]

Another important element of shabby chic design are floral prints. After all, what is country-inspired decor without a splash of flowers here and there! [Rachel Ashwell]

Rustic iron details pair well with light and fluffy bedding to create the perfect shabby chic escape. [Rachel Ashwell]

This refinished vintage bed from the 1920’s brings shabby chic vibes to your princess bedroom. Clean white linens and a rustic finish on the walls tie the whole room together. [SageAndBalmInteriors]

This bed is fit for a shabby chic queen. Complete with side rails and slats, the filigree details and worn-in look will pair well with floral bedding. The curvedaccent pillow case baby canvas decorative, romantic-style headboard is a quintessential element of shabby chic design. [The Painted Cottage]

Wicker details add a unique twist on this otherwise traditional shabby chic bed. Every element of this bed is customizable, even the level of distress on the wood. Pinecone-shaped finials add a subtle decorative touch. [Lavender Fields]

If you’re going to opt for a shabby chic bed, you can’t just throw on any old bedding. You need fluffy white linens and floral arrangements to tie it all together!

Ruffles lace florals = shabby chic galore. [QueensHouse]

Perhaps you don’t need your bedding to be the center of attention in your shabby chic oasis. A ruffled duvet cover adds a subtle touch of shabby chic without taking over the whole space. [SimplyFrenchMarket]

Take it back to basics with soft pastel colors and floral patterns. Don’t you just want to dive right into that fluffy duvet?! [Lavender Fields]

Delicate ruffles and a soft blush pink color create a shabby chic design just waiting to be paired with a romantic bed frame. This set would look exceptionally cottage-inspired with a floral headboard or bed skirt. [Rachel Ashwell]

A relatively new interior design style, shabby chic was first popularized in the 1980’s in England. By 1989, shabby chic pioneer Rachel Ashwell opened up her first store in California, where floral slipcovers became a popular option for bringing life back to outdated couches.

Nowadays, shabby chic is best defined by floral patterns, soft yellow, blue, pink, and white tones, distressed furniture, and an overall motif of femininity. Oftentimes you’ll see soft bed linen with ruffle details, chipped paint, and antique decor items.

As with all interior design, your version of shabby chic decor may be different than your neighbors or even Miss Ashwell herself. To achieve the perfect shabby chic bed look, keep these details in mind.

One of the appeals of shabby chic decor is that it’s all about making your space feel homey, cozy, and comfy. Choosing soft and inviting bedding and keeping it a bit loose is a look you’ll often see. Many of the beds are neutral in their color and design, so the bedding is really what will make an impression in your space! Pairing floral bedding with a distressed white wood bed frame is practically shabby chic 101.

Distressed wood is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of shabby chic. The 80’s was really when DIY took off, so naturally, there are a plethora of projects for distressing wood to get that perfect shabby chic look. This style also lends itself to introducing reclaimed wood furniture into the mix.

Shabby chic beds typically feature a tall, prominent headboard, though the shape can vary from bed to bed. Popular styles include tufted headboards, French romantic headboards, and floral fabric headboards.

Given that shabby chic decor is all about distressed wood and furniture items that feel worn-in, there are plenty of DIY projects for giving old furniture a new shabby chic feel. Here are some of our favorites.

This DIY could be applied to any furniture piece you’re looking to refinish, but this project is done on a picture frame. Test out your skills on a smaller item and move onto bigger pieces when you’re ready.

These mason jars add a farmhouse touch to your shabby chic bedroom. Just add flowers!

Beaded chandeliers are so in right now, but the price tag can be a turn-off. Store-bought versions of this DIY can cost upwards of $800. This project, on the other hand, will cost you around $100. If you really want to up the shabby chic vibes on this chandelier, consider layering with the paint project above!

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