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With the current credit crunch taking an ever tighter hold over our purse strings, its looks like Saturday nights will now be spent at home.and what better than to invite over a few chums, have a dinner party and dazzle them with your k

With the current credit crunch taking an ever tighter hold over our purse strings, its looks like Saturday nights will now be spent at home.and what better than to invite over a few chums, have a dinner party and dazzle them with your knowledge of the old plonk from your super stylish wine rack.

The needs of an Oenophile (that’s a lover of wine) and your average “Oooh, I’ll just grab a bottle on my way home” type person are worlds apart. If wine collecting is something that will develop into more than a passing hobby, you will need to dedicate a space in your home, for what will become a growing collection. For the rest of us though, trendy wine racks will do.

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For a serious collector there are many reasons to build a cellaraccent pillow case baby canvas decorative, they like to know they will always have the right wine for the right occasion, they like the knowledge their wines are in a safe place away from prying eyes, they know the wines are stored in the correct conditions to age properly, and some just like a decorative area to show them off. Whatever the reason, if you decide to create your own cellar, it will need to be in a cool, dark area of the house.

A basement is ideal, but as modern homes don’t really contain these a cool storage room, pantry or cupboard will do. Within your chosen space you will need to add your chosen storage piece. Available in stainless steel, wire grids, pine, oak, redwood and many more options, you will always find something to suit your taste and current decor. Wooden racks are often the more popular and classic look, many can be cut to fit the space you have or expandable by adding side by side or double deep storage as your collection grows.

If you really have no space to create a cellar, it’s possible to use one of these larger wooden racks in a room of your house, away from direct sunlight and cover it with some glamorous?Art Noveau Fabric to maintain the right conditions, or any fabric that suits your decor, even some customised Dark Blue Curtains.

For those with a bigger budget there are companies that will create cellars for you. One of these includes a company that makes Spiral Cellars which are water tight pre cast cylindrical concrete systems that can be sunk into the ground beneath your house. Making a wine cellar accessible from anywhere, be it your kitchen to your conservatory. These can go between 2 – 3 metres deep and have the storage capacity of up to 1600 bottles. They really give your home the wow factor with newer designs incorporating LED lights on the spiral staircase, to reinforced glass trap doors to create a feature that will give your home the wow factor.

Smaller scale wine racks are not for the serious collector, they are short term storage ideas until they are enjoyed while celebrating a birthday.or just the fact it’s Friday. There are some that fit on kitchen work tops, made from polished aluminium and are functional modern art. There are wall mounted pieces that arrange the bottles in a clever balanced way that make you look twice. Some stand on the ground and hold the bottles vertical, horizontal and diagonal. You can find large stones with holes carved in to hold the bottles and some that can be built into kitchen units for practicality. Whatever you current decor in whatever room you choose there is a wine rack out there to compliment it.

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Need a little something to cheer up your door or a wall with a little Christmas cheer? This star is pretty simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. (Well, unless you are interrupted a bagillion times by a toddler who wants a cracker, water, play-doh, etc. ……..Oh well.)

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