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Jack?boasts quite a few accomplishments to his assorted list of capabilities, including ascending up a hill for a pail of water, growing freakishly tall beanstalks, building a house, and jumping over a candlestick. It seems as if

Jack?boasts quite a few accomplishments to his assorted list of capabilities, including ascending up a hill for a pail of water, growing freakishly tall beanstalks, building a house, and jumping over a candlestick. It seems as if Jack truly is a “Jack of all trades.” We are proud to have him share his wealth of knowledge with us.

I can tell you two things from my experience with a sleeping giant:

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If my gigantic friend had ever bothered to ask, “;how can I stop snoring?”; we probably would have become fast friends with my font of anti-snore knowledge. He and his giant wife would have also been less cranky since they would both sleep better and deeper.

If you are snoring at night, perhaps I am not the first to tell you this: you are a nocturnal nuisance to your loved ones.

Your snoring could also be a symptom of?sleep apnea. If so, you might want to have that checked out by your most adored medical physician.

But if your nighttime roarings aren’t a symptom of sleep apneaaccent pillow case baby canvas decorative, and you’;re wondering how to stop snoring naturally, here are seven things you can do starting today to help you stop snoring tonight.

1. Exercise?– A rather deplorable word “exercise” is, isn’t it? Nonetheless, exercise helps stop?snoring by toning the neck and throat muscles, among other things.

Exercise also aids in weight management, which helps reduce snoring. Here are four?exercises I recommend:

The candlestick jump?— It’s just like it sounds. Set a candlestick on the ground and leap over it like a gazelle. Jump as much as you can, as high as you can for one minute, break for 30 seconds, and repeat three times.

Fetch a pail of water?— It’s important that you find a nice, steep hill, with a well on it. Run up the hill, fill the pail with water and run back down. To mix things up, my workout partner Jill and I will sometimes tumble down the hill.

Climb the beanstalk?— A good, tall beanstalk can be hard to come by these days. A ladder or a tread climber will suffice. Climb for 30 minutes or two miles, whichever comes first.

Run from the giant?— It’s a lot like running, with the exception of being heavily laden with gold that you stole from a giant. I find my endurance is greatly improved if the giant is pursuing me. But giants and sacks of gold are hard to find, so you might want to try a weight vest and just pretend you are running from a giant. It works almost as well, depending on how vivid your imagination is.

2. Quit smoking?— Among other things, smoking irritates the lining of the throat and the nose, which leads to snoring.

3. Reduce substance use?— Stay away from alcohol, sleeping aids and sedatives. These all relax the muscles in the back of the throat, causing you to snore.

4. Change your sleeping position?— Often times, switching to a side position can help. If that is not possible, elevate your head with more pillows. This can allow your tongue and jaw to open up your airways a bit more.

5. Regular sleep patterns?— Sometimes, just getting to bed and waking up at the same time is all that it takes. This will help you sleep better and decrease snoring.

6. Humidity?— Run an air humidifier in your bedroom at night. Sometimes the dry air can cause the membranes in the nose and throat to become irritated and swollen.

7. Keep your nose clean?— Rinse out your sinuses with a saline solution before bed. Using a?Neti Pot, nasal decongestant, or nasal strips can also help you breathe better at night.

Lucky for you, learning how to stop snoring immediately is a lot easier than snagging a giant’s gold. For more sleep-hacks to finally get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had, check out these other great tips from the Purple Blog:

Happy sleeping!

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