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Good Morning my stenciling trendsetters!? Cutting Edge Stencils has some news to share with you so come a little closer…; Houndstooth is going to be HUGE this coming Fall!? We’;re totally not making this stuff up.? Glamo

Good Morning my stenciling trendsetters!? Cutting Edge Stencils has some news to share with you so come a little closer…; Houndstooth is going to be HUGE this coming Fall!? We’;re totally not making this stuff up.? Glamour had this to say about Fall 2013, “;There’;s no hotter print than houndstooth next season.”;? And Elle Decor has Houndstooth listed in its home decor trend section showing off these patterned beauties…;

accent pillow case baby canvas baby decoration

So what does that mean for you, my DIY lovelies?? Wellaccent pillow case baby canvas decorative, it means that over the next couple of months you’;re going to spotting more and more of the Houndstooth pattern in home decor.? And that’;s where we come in!? We’;re here to help you start introducing this classic pattern into your home with these easy peasy stencil projects.? Doesn’;t every space deserve a dab of houndstooth somewhere?!? Let’;s go check out these awesome DIY projects…;

Give those plain white frames a trendy makeover!? Using our Houndstooth Craft Stencil and a neutral gray paint color, like Benjamin Moore’;s wish AF-680. ?This never-fail neutral is an instant classic!

Love a subtle touch of pattern?? We do to!? Sometimes all your spaces needs is a subtle hint of a home decor trend.? Slowly introduce the duotone check pattern with a stenciled pillow.? Using the?Houndstooth Craft Stencil and a color similar to Benjamin Moore’;s moonshine 2140-60 to get this stylish look!

Has that old dresser been creating an eye sore underneath your beautiful accent wall?? It may be screaming for a makeover and our?Houndstooth Craft Stencil is just perfect for a job like this! KimboWest shared how she turned a drab dresser into this totally brown and white houndstooth stenciled beauty on The DIY Club!? We think it’;s FAB!

Here is a closer up to show you how an eye sore piece of furniture can be turned into an eye-catching beauty by adding a stencil!

Here’;s a stencil project that you could complete faster than you can say EASY PEASY!? Take that wooden breakfast tray that your purchased at either a thrift store or flea market and give a trendy makeover!? A simple white Houndstooth pattern is all you need to get a similar look to the one shown below by Me and Jilly.

This vibrant project will have you staring at it all day.? Which might be a problem if you actually want to get in your house!? We spotted it on The DIY Club.? Jen used our Houndstooth Allover Stencil to create awesome welcome rug.? She happen to snatch up a simple teal rug at her local hardware store for $19.99 and then painted our stencil to give it the WOW factor.

So that’;s it folks! We hope you enjoyed those five simple Houndstooth home decor projects that you could easily complete this coming weekend and be all set for the upcoming Houndstooth trend.

Which one of these Houndstooth Crafts would you LOVE to create?? We’;d love to hear- leave a comment in the section below!

Still looking for more stenciling fun?

Thanks for reading, and good luck stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

We recently built a greenhouse on our property and I have had all things flowers on my mind ever since. ?I love bringing fresh flowers into my home and think plants are one of the best ways to add a little pop of color during the spring and summer months. ?Plus, it’s hard not to smile with flowers around…they are like natures way of cheering us?up! ?Create these DIY planter pots?that look like they came straight from the flower market!

Be honest. How many of you have had really big plans to showcase your impressive Halloween pumpkins only to realize that, halfway through carving a disaster of a spooky pumpkin, you are not well-equipped to be doing this at all? If you know what I’m talking about, skip the stress and the mess by leaving the knives and power tools in the kitchen drawer (where they belong) and pulling out your paints and brushes instead. 

I am a farmer trapped in a city-person’s body, torn between love of urban and yearning to grow vegetables, keep bees, preserve food. I know there are a lot of us around.

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