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accent pillow case baby canvas decorative Father's Day with Scott Gooding accent pillow case baby

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This year, Sheridan is celebrating Father's Day with holistic health ambassador, Scott Gooding. His inspiring career includes numerous cookbooks, a successful restaurant chain and an online health program, While hi

This year, Sheridan is celebrating Father's Day with holistic health ambassador, Scott Gooding. His inspiring career includes numerous cookbooks, a successful restaurant chain and an online health program, While his world is filled with incredible feats, his two sons, Tashi (11) and Zan (3 months), are undoubtedly the apple of his eye.

Sheridan Life visited Scott and partner, Matilda Brownaccent pillow case baby canvas decorative, in their family home; which also happens to be the home Matilda grew up in. Immersed in the beauty of Sydney’s breath-taking coastline, this hidden gem is the perfect place for the couple to raise their young family.

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What do you love most about fatherhood?

It’s the small moments that make it all worthwhile. I have two boys, 11 years apart, so on one hand it’s the joy of watching my 3-month old smile and giggle. On the other, it’s getting a cuddle from my 11-year-old or watching him play soccer.

What have you learnt from becoming a Father?

First and foremost, that the world no longer revolves around me, and secondly the importance of being in the moment with them. It’s also taught me patience and to keep my actions and words in check, as kids will mimic the behaviour of parents.

It’s your first Father’s Day as a Father of two, how will you be celebrating?

Sadly, I’ll be working for most of it, hosting a Father’s Day lunch event, ironically enough. As soon as I’m done though it’ll be home to my two boys and dinner. My eldest son adores his little brother, so watching them together is bliss.

It's the small moments that make it all worthwhile.

Zan wears the Rorie Baby Set

Amidst the awe of becoming a Father for the second time, Gooding has also just released his ninth book, ‘The Sustainable Diet’, which promotes an environmentally-friendly relationship with food. The book is packed with recipes that use ethically farmed, nutrient-dense foods; and sheds light on the idea that looking after yourself, shouldn’t cost the world. 'The Sustainable Diet', available in November, follows his previous book 'The Keto Diet Cookbook', released in 2018.

It’s clear health is an important pillar in Scott’s life, however when it comes to raising his boys, balance is key.

As an influential figure for health and fitness in Australia, what important lessons do you, and will you pass down to your boys about living a healthy lifestyle?

I used to be quite fanatical about nutrition, which didn’t serve me or my family well. Now, it’s more about being a role model and being consistent with the things I do. Tashi has followed my lead in keeping active, he does hapkido, soccer and he surfs. Surfing is the greatest single thing that Tashi and I do together - there’s no interruptions just him, me and the ocean.

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What do you love most about living on the beaches?

I love the flora and the tranquillity the most. I’m up in Whale Beach and it’s absolutely stunning. I lived in and around Bondi for 19 years and got to a stage in life where I wanted something different and I get that from the northern beaches.

Admitting to exclusively sleeping in linen, Scott &; Matilda love the Abbotson Collection in this season's latest colour, pistachio

Tell us about your favourite space in your home?

It’s laying on the hammock on the deck with little Zan laying on my chest, listening to the parrots and waves.

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Take a page out of Scott's book and learn more about how you can live a more sustainable lifestyle that benefits you, and the planet.



Photography by Ian Davidson

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