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Today’s contributor is Tiffany from Making the World Cuter. All posts written by Tiffany for Make It and Love It, can be found here. . . . . . burlap throw pillow covers Hi there! It’;s Tiffany from?Making the World Cuter and I

Today’s contributor is Tiffany from Making the World Cuter. All posts written by Tiffany for Make It and Love It, can be found here.

. . . . .

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Hi there! It’;s Tiffany from?Making the World Cuter and I’;m back again sharing something else I made for my daughter’;s room.

This DIY scallop edge shelf is sooo cute and quite simple.? I decided to make it a swing shelf because I think it just adds a bit more whimsy to an already whimsical shelf that is perfect for a little girls room, girly teenager’;s room, or even a feminine master bedroom, bathroom or living room. I am just in love with it!

My daughter reads 24-7 (sometimes close-to literally). I am constantly telling her to go to bed, and she looks at me with puppy dog eyes begging me to let her just read one more chapter. Thusaccent pillow case baby canvas decorative, the sign I made to put on the shelf along with a couple books wrapped in cute paper, and a Target one spot gnome, spray painted to tone down the color a bit.

The ribbon banner came from Michaels and I used it on my Easter mantel this year. It is dreamy and perfect to hang across the top of a swing shelf. Now let’;s talk about how to get that scallop because, come on! It’;s so dang sweet, it makes my teeth ache! :)

First, gather your supplies:

For the shelf you need a piece of wood cut to your desired length and a package of these wide craft sticks. I got mine from Michaels and they are the Creatology brand.

Other things you will need, or something to get the same effect, are below:

The VERY first thing you want to do is drill your holes. I did it a little backwards, but it would have been easier to drill the holes first without the scallops. Then you won’;t have to worry about breaking or moving them in any way. I used the washers as markers and put them in each corner and then used a pencil to trace the inner circle.

Then take your drill and drill holes at each of your marks. Seriously easy and even a power tool virgin can do this!

Now it’;s time to make the scallops! First?you need to?measure the craft sticks and make a mark at the halfway point. If you use these ones they are 4.5 inches, so I marked them all at 2.25.

Then you use your scissors to cut them! That’;s right, I won’;t even tell you to pull out a saw this time!

Once you have them all cut, run a bead of wood glue across the front of your shelf.

Then just start placing them on the shelf, right next to one another.

When you get to the edges and you have one that hangs over…;mark it with a pencil, take it off and cut it. Save both pieces. Put the one that fits back on and then start on the sides.

Line up the piece you just cut and put it on the side with some more glue and finish the edges. Trim on the ends if needed.

Next take your spackle and put some in between each of the scallops and along the top. This will just minimize the look of the cracks and give it a more finished look. Let it dry and sand it down if needed.

Now it’;s time to paint it. If you know me at all, you are not surprised that I am painting this white. I paint everything white.

I put on a couple coats spraying every side, even the bottom since you might be able to see it…;.if you stand directly underneath it and look up at a weird angle. ;)

Now it’;s time to add the swing shelf element of this project.

Cut your rope or clothesline to your desired length, with just enough to tie a knot at the end and then wrap the ends with tape.

Then it’;s just putting the rope through the holes, leaving a loop at the top like a swing.

Add the washers and tie a knot. This part can be a little tricky since the two loops need to be even, so don’;t make the knots tight until you are sure they are where they need to be.

There you go! Now to just find some place to hang it.

Again, I used the hooks with the anchors. I found them by the picture hangers in the hardware aisle at the hardware store. If you are putting anything with weight on the shelf you will need to be sure to use anchors, or hang it in the studs. Isn’;t it darling?

Then it’;s time accessorize! That’;s my favorite part…;and my daughter absolutely loves it. This was such a fun project to do and it cost me less than $10 including paint and hanging hardware!

Adding a little something special to any room doesn’;t have to take a lot of time OR break the bank. We love sharing our easy and frugal projects that will dress up your home for less!

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