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Do you remember last week when?I mentioned I’;d be joining in on a Virtual “;Do-It-HERself”; Party?? Yes, those super cute Hanging Rain Gutter Planters that cost under $20 to make yourself?? Oh, and do you

Do you remember last week when?I mentioned I’;d be joining in on a Virtual “;Do-It-HERself”; Party?? Yes, those super cute Hanging Rain Gutter Planters that cost under $20 to make yourself?? Oh, and do you remember how I mentioned you could either make it on your own (more info below), or learn how to make the same project in person, by attending a FREE workshop in your area?!!? (Check out dates/times and register HERE!)

Well, today is the day I get to share my version of the Hanging Rain Gutter Planter that Home Depot created really simple plans for…;.and I’;ve been pretty excited about it, because I am in LOVE?with how it turned out!! ?But yes, those planters are indeed made from some very inexpensive nylon rain gutters and some “;Regal Blue”; spray paint. ?Ha…;..I’;ve been obsessed with this color blue lately and I love how it?pops against the brick!!

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These planters are?hanging freely by our front door and they seriously?make me so happy every time I walk by!

We have a really vaulted entryway so instead of hanging it from above, we anchored some brackets into the brick and hung the whole thing from some “;S”; hooks. ?It worked perfectly! :)

I also switched it up and used this thicker?hemp-like?rope, rather than the white nylon rope…;…;and love how beefy it makes the knots lookaccent pillow case baby canvas decorative, that support each of the 3 planters! ?(And let me tell you…;.those knots are super strong. ?And once they get wet from watering, they swell up and won’;t move?one bit!)

I’;ve been known for mindlessly killing plants in the past, but about 6 months ago, I decided I was going to change that…;…;and have kept about 5 different house plants ALIVE since then! ?Yep, all 5 are still growing! ;)

That’;s when we decided we could probably start planting more things outside and really give it more effort to pretty things up! ?And my goodness you guys, we have been going crazy with the planting! ?I have learned so much stuff about gardening,?plant types, fertilizing, perennials that do well here, landscaping techniques, etc. ?And this planter is just part of the excitement that kinda got the ball rolling!

I can’;t tell you how many times I have opened up the from door, just to take a peek outside and admire the life growing out there…;…;but I’;m especially in love with that hanging planter!

Overall, a pretty simple project that doesn’;t require many tools, is very inexpensive to make, and can be used for flowers, herbs, succulents, or whatever?you love most!



I followed the instructions listed under the supplies almost exactly the same way. ?The only difference is that I only cut each gutter 24 inches long, rather than 30 inches. ?(But make them whatever width fits your space best!) ?Then, I sprayed each of them this pretty blue color (called Regal Blue)…;with 2 coats of paint each!

Oh, and my other piece of advice is that it was easier to tie your top knots in each of your 2 longs ropes first and hang them from the brackets…;.and THEN?slide each of your 4 rope ends through the drilled holes in your top planter. ?Then get this first planter exactly level and then tie each of the knots nice and tight along the bottom edge of this first planter. ?Then work downward, keeping the entire thing hanging from the brackets while you measure and keep the planters level, etc. ?Also, make sure to pull nice and tight as you go, so that the weight of the dirt and water doesn’;t affect your knots and change your rope lengths.

Trim off your rope ends at the very bottom, fill with dirt, your favorite plants, and start watering!

Now, it’;s your turn to happy up your outside space with this clever little hanging planter!

Just be sure to check with your local store and REGISTER for your free demonstration/class HERE!

The Home Depot offers Workshops at all of their locations for do-it-yourselfers of all ages and experience levels. There are three types of Workshops offered – Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Do-It-Herself (DIH) and Kids. Customers can learn how to build décor projects, how to make easy home repairs and how to operate tools through demonstrations and step-by-step instructions right at their local store.?The workshops are free, demonstrative classes. While attendees won’t always be able to make and take the project (changes by store), they’ll walk away with the skills to recreate the project at home!

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***Supplies and compensation for this post was provided by?Home Depot.? However, all opinions are mine and have been presented openly and honestly…;but let’;s be real, I’;m there all the time anyway, so that was easy to do! :) ?

I grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch country. My mom spoke "Dutch" to her brothers and sisters and lots of Dutch words and phases were used when they spoke English to us kids. ( In case you don't know about Pennsylvania Dutch - it is really a German dialect and not Dutch at all!) Schnibble (pronounced shnibble - rhymes with kibble) means a little bit of something - so it could be little bits of fabric for this quilt or little bits of paper when you cut out something or little bits of yarn or... almost anything else. The German dictionary lists the word schnippelche as a noun meaning snip, but growing up we always pronounced it I'm using my version.This quilt is based on string pieced quilts, but?I use the construction of each block for the "quilting." As you sew on the schnibbles, you are quilting each block. You then sew all the quilted blocks together to make a full size reversable quilt.?I have attached?photos of 2 quilts. One is made?up of 25 blue cotton ?blocks and fits on my queen size bed, the second is 16 blocks and is a lap quilt made of? purple corduroy fabrics.?

Today’s contributor is Lisa?from Grey Luster Girl. All posts written by Lisa for Make It & Love It can be found?HERE.

Welcome back to my?Embroider-Along: Part 9. Hi, my name is?Sue O’Very, BERNINA Ambassador and machine embroidery expert. During this series I have talked about the four basics for machine embroidery. We’ve covered Stabilizers/Materials, Needles, Threads, Hooping and how to stabilize all the basic materials. Now it’s time to put into practice what you’ve learned along the way. Today I’m going to show you step-by-step how to embroider a Ladies T-Shirt with the #SewBoss complimentary embroidery design.

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