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Display your pretty holiday cards with this easy to make decorative Christmas card holder that uses ribbon and a thrift store frame. I promised you last week that I would post how I made the framed Christmas card holder I have hanging in my

Display your pretty holiday cards with this easy to make decorative Christmas card holder that uses ribbon and a thrift store frame.

I promised you last week that I would post how I made the framed Christmas card holder I have hanging in my kitchen.

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The Christmas card holder is very easy to make. No sewing is needed and making it is a great way to use up small amounts of ribbon leftover from previous projects.

I even used a piece of leftover plaid fabric, so even if you don’;t have ribbon, fabric can be used to make the holder, too.

The?frame is a thrift store find that I added glitter to using spray glue. I used it in a different way at Christmas in my previous house. It used to hang in my dining room.

When I first started bloggingaccent pillow case baby canvas decorative, I made what I called a ribbon memo board to place inside the kitchen cabinet at my previous house to tuck in notes, invitations, receipts, etc. It is made the same way I made the Christmas card holder. No tacks necessary so your memos or cards stay hole free. It didn’;t have a frame, but I still use it in my studioffice on the inside of my crafts cabinet door.

Adding a frame makes it look more decorative. I hung the card holder on the end of the cabinet wall in my kitchen where it can be easily seen and adds to the Christmas decor.

I tacked on a few pom-poms for fun. ?I posted how to make them in this post.

Each ribbon becomes a pocket for tucking in Christmas cards you receive over the holiday season.

You can use all the same ribbon or mix them up like I did. ?The bottom piece is plaid flannel fabric.

I wrote this tutorial for the memo board I made. The Christmas card holder is made the same way.

supplies needed:

2. ?Determine how you want the ribbons stacked up on your board and then set them aside in order.? I wanted to use a scrap of fabric I had to add more color and pattern to my board. I pressed the raw edges over with an iron to create sharp creases so it looks like a wide ribbon.

3. Starting at the top of the board – lay the top ribbon across and wrap the ends around the back of the board.? Make sure it is taut. Secure ends on back with tape.

4. Turn board back to front and attach duct tape along the entire length of the bottom edge of the ribbon.? Wrap the ends of duct tape around the back and tape down.? This will turn each ribbon into a pocket. Add the next ribbon under the first, slightly overlapping it.

5. Secure ends onto the back with tape and add the duct tape along the bottom edge of the ribbon.? The next ribbon will hide the duct tape. Repeat this process for the rest of the ribbons until you have the board covered.

6. ?To attach the bottom fabric or ribbon, bring about 2 inches of the bottom edge to the back of the board and tape down as if you were gift-wrapping a box.

The back of the board will look like this when all the ribbons and duct tape are attached.

To hang: Add picture hanging hook or if hanging inside a door, use Velcro dots or Command Brand picture hanging strips.

If using a frame, here is what the back of the Christmas card holder looks like. ?I placed the ribbon covered foam board in the frame and attached it with clear duct tape.


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