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No Easter dinner would ever be complete without a sweet dessert! If you want to improve your baking skills and you want to prepare an Easter-themed dessert such as a bunny-shaped cake, then here you will find no less than 50 delicious Eas

No Easter dinner would ever be complete without a sweet dessert! If you want to improve your baking skills and you want to prepare an Easter-themed dessert such as a bunny-shaped cake, then here you will find no less than 50 delicious Easter desserts to pamper your family with!

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Easter basket cookies are very practical – besides, this is basically your classic cookie recipe, but with a small twist! You simply cannot go wrong with this detailed tutorial that teaches you everything from how to prepare the dough to how to display the Easter basket cookies.

Recipe Source –; ohnuts

Making your own homemade Easter treats can be quite time-consuming, but this will really benefit you on many levels: not only will you save money, but you will also limit the amount of sugar, chemicals, additives and preservatives that you add to the recipe, unlike it happens with the pre-baked treats that you can find at the local supermarket!

Recipe Source –; food.allwomenstalk

These egg-shaped desserts are certainly a “must try” for this Easter – especially if your husband’s family is coming over for the Easter dinner and you are trying to make a good impression on them!

Recipe Source –; cincyshopper

Funnyaccent pillow case baby canvas decorative, adorable and delicious at the same time! Here is a very easy tutorial that will teach you how to make some quick bunny butt cookies that your kids will definitely adore. Be careful with the sugar intake, though!

Recipe Source –; pillsbury

Oreos make anything taste absolutely delicious, and that is not a secret to anybody! If you want to push your baking skills to the limit this Easter, then here is a very quick and cost-effective Easter Oreo bark recipe that you should definitely try.

Recipe Source –; lilluna

Everybody loves cupcakes, especially with a glass of warm milk. However, these are anything but the regular cupcakes as we all them – these are Easter chick themed goodies that will definitely change the way you see holiday treats. See for yourself!

Recipe Source –; recipebyphoto

There are tens, if not hundreds of different chocolate egg models at the local supermarket that you can buy for your kids, but the question is: would it not be better to make your own? Here is a recipe that will teach you how to easily make delicious homemade chocolate eggs, in less than an hour!

Recipe Source –; brit

Easter is a reason to celebrate and to have a great time with those to your heart, and this funfetti cake will definitely complete the whole image. Bursting with color and flavor, the funfetti cake is cheap and easy to make – you do not need advanced baking skills for it!

Recipe Source –; sallysbakingaddiction

You do not need to come up with a camp fire to enjoy a good, tasty marshmallow – and this recipe will certainly testify to that! Kids are particularly fond of marshmallows, so this recipe for Easter marshmallows will certainly take them by surprise.

Recipe Source –; butterwithasideofbread

The Jell-o Easter eggs are the more innocent version of the Jell-o alcoholic shots for adults! Not only do these eggs look adorable, but they also taste good and the recipe only involves basic ingredients. Recipe Source –; spendwithpennies

The chocolate marshmallow eggs are certainly not the best choice if you are on a diet and you are trying to shed weight, but other than that they taste incredible! Marshmallows and chocolate are two of the finest treats you can enjoy, so just imagine how tasty they are when combined!

Recipe Source –; butterwithasideofbread

Here is a very funny and creative recipe that will help you create cute, little yellow Easter peeps! All you need is a small decorative basket for displaying them, and you are good to go!

Recipe Source –; pinkpistachio

There are countless cupcake recipes available on the Internet, and for a good reason – cupcakes are amongst the most volatile treats, and you can easily adjust them based on the holiday or occasion! Here is a great cupcake recipe that you can try this Easter.

Recipe Source –; notimeforflashcards

This is a goofy and adorable Easter cake – be careful of the “rabbits”, though! Your kids will love your creativity, and they will definitely devour this planted carrot chocolate Easter cake before you even know it.

Recipe Source –; laurenslatest

Written tutorials are great, but regardless of how well written or informative they really are, nothing compares to a video that will literally show you how it is done! Here is how you can make your own chocolate bird’s nest for this year’s Easter

Recipe Source –; youtube

Crunchy and super sweet, these innovative Trix Krispies will really melt in your mouth within minutes, and the best thing about them is that everybody can make them – even those who are just starting baking!

Recipe Source –; cravingsofalunatic

Another great Easter treat recipe that you can try if you want to spoil your kids and your spouse this year is the skinny Easter egg cake balls recipe. They will give you extra points for the effort and the determination!

Recipe Source –; skinnytaste

No matter how strange this dessert idea may seem at first sight, the truth is that the fruit pizza is actually one of the best treats you can try! Try to keep the dough as thin as possible, though, as the secret lies in the fruits, not in the pizza itself!

Recipe Source –; sugarhero

This is a very colorful dessert that is just perfect for Easter – not to mention that it also matches the season! Here is a simple step by step tutorial on how to make a tasty cake batter sprinkles fudge for your beloved family.

Recipe Source –; ashleemarie

This is both delicious and healthy! Pineapples are filled with Vitamin C that will strengthen your immune system, while the cheese frosting bursts with calcium that keeps your children’s bones strong and healthy in the long run.

Recipe Source –; justataste

If you are a fan of the traditional cheesecake dessert as we all know it, then you will come to love this exquisite cheesecake filled chocolate Easter eggs – and so will your friends or relatives!

Recipe Source –; raspberricupcakes

Do you fancy those delicious and super puffy French croissants? Then you can now make your very own, right in your own kitchen! Check out this recipe to find out how.

Recipe Source –; tamingtwins

This is another detailed Easter egg recipe that every devoted mother has to try at least once – the little ones love Easter egg desserts!

Recipe Source –; therecipecritic

These Easter egg golden Oreo truffles will definitely tickle all your senses! They look amazing, they taste delicious and they smell even better – just check them out and see for yourself!

Recipe Source –; gimmesomeoven

You would be amazed to see just how much you can accomplish with just a bit of food coloring, and this cute ambrosia salad will show you just that!

Recipe Source –; theseasonedmom

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